Redpill for decision makers

Redpill is the opposite of outsourcing: As much as possible of your precious data and infrastructure in kept in-house, and the rest uses only simple and generic services to avoid depending on unique features of a single provider.

An "ICT guide" is hired part-time to help setup your resources as self-sustainable as possible, and to train one or more of your own staff to work with the system on a day-to-day basis.

When the setup is completed, smaller tasks like restarting services or adding/changing user accounts can be done by the "superusers" among your staff. Beyond that, your network can in principle run on its own. In reality you are recommended to keep your ICT guide in the loop as a technical advisor, continuously checking security and optimize/improve/extend services.

You keep your ICT guide only for as long as the relationship is mutually beneficial: Your data, services and know-how stays with you. Your system keeps running, it just slowly becomes "oldfashioned". And you can take in other ICT guides or ordinary technicians - all code is Free Software, tied to the Debian GNU/Linux distribution with one of the largest userbases worldwide and favoured especially amongst skilled networks administrators.