Redpill for technicians

Recommended hardware and software



  • Noname x86 machines
  • software RAID
  • All user data mirrored to remote host


  • Debian GNU/Linux (distribution)
  • Postfix
  • Apache
  • AMaVis
  • Dovecot


For creative use:

  • Apple Macintosh

For classical administrative use:

  • Debian GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows

For use in schools or Internet caf├ęs, at fairs or other demanding places:

  • Debian GNU/Linux

Redpill in an alien environment

It is possible to run a Redpill system at a host organisation not using (and with no interest in) the Redpill concept. The system usually need not submit to a strict foreign policy.

You need from the ICT staff of your host organisation…:

  • A single static public IP number with port 22 open inbound and standard ports open outbound (or ideally fully open)
  • Space for a single standard-sized computer (or preferrably 2)