Disk quota usage

Your account has limited disk space. All of your personal files and emails have a shard maximum.

Your use of disk space is monitored, and if you use more space than allowed, you will automatically receive warnings to free some space: Either delet some of your personal files or some of your emails.

/!\ If you fail to free enough disk space to get you below your quota limit, then after some days your account will be locked. This affects several services, e.g. all emails sent to you will be rejected!


If you use some of your personal file shares, then they probably consume more space than your emails: Sound, graphics and multimedia files are much larger than simple text messages like emails.


Consider deleting emails with big attachments. Save the attachements as plain files first, if you want them preserved: email attachments consume up to the double amount of that used by same documents stored normally.

If you use Apple Mail, your emails may fill up space on the server even when deleted in the application. See email setup for more about the problem. To immediately purge deleted emails, do this:

  1. Open Apple Mail
  2. Go to Preferences > Accounts > Advanced
  3. Click the button 'Remove Now'.

When you use imap (you probably do), then some routines may not behave as you would expect:

  • You may have more folders on the server than shown in your email program. You need to "subscribe" to additional email folders to see them.
  • It is not enough to "delete" emails. You need to also "purge" the deleted emails to have them completely removed from the system.